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The Parker Duofold is a range of fountain pens produced by the Parker Pen Company. The first model was produced in 1921 and was a large pen – 5.5 inches long when capped. It was made of a showy bright red hard rubber and expensively priced at $7.00, equivalent to $100 in 2019.

A customer mentioned, "Had a problem with the twist extend/retract mechanism on my Duofold checked green mosaic ballpoint pen. Then the ferrule became loose. I keep the pen in its original case when I'm not using it. This pen has never been neglected or abused, as it's appearance attests. Sent the pen back to Parker, and paid the shipping costs. (I included copies of the warranty and proof of purchase) They fixed the ferrule for a fee, as they claimed that wasn't covered under their "unconditional" warranty. Just how is this not covered? Parker also said no more parts were available to replace the twist mechanism. Those parts are obsolete now, since they went to a newer twist mechanism, you know. So sorry. Love the anachronistic look, feel, and balance of the pen, but I just can't abide a manufacturer who will not honor their commitments."


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